Founded by a college president, we understand the challenges you face. CARS is focused on improving institutional outcomes by providing structured, systemic and proactive services that strengthen the college‚Äôs existing student service efforts. We focus on a set of core competencies and leverage people, processes and technology to improve student outcomes and enhance administrative efficiency. Nearly a decade ago, Ken Horne identified a need that colleges just couldn’t seem to fill on their own – to have access to a scalable, cost-effective and (in some cases) temporary call center to handle peak inbound volume and outbound campaigns. From there, Collegiate Admission & Retention Solutions was born. We handle the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to focus on serving students. Having a partnership like this just makes sense!


To help Colleges and Universities improve student outcomes and enhance administrative efficiency.


To be the most trusted, convenient provider of innovative student enrollment and retention services for higher education.


  • Leverage collective genius to provide solutions.
  • Give our best and world class service to achieve excellence every day.
  • Be efficient and effective in our approaches to solutions.
  • Recognize and grown talent in the company.
  • Have fun and celebrate small successes in our journey to achieve big.
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