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What We Do

Welcome to Collegiate Admission & Retention Solutions

Enhancing Student Outcomes and Administrative Efficiency in Higher Education

Achieve your institution’s strategic vision with our comprehensive services spanning from enrollment to graduation. At Collegiate Admission & Retention Solutions, we specialize in improving student outcomes and streamlining administrative processes. Our tailored offerings include student admissions, retention strategies, and administrative support, ensuring your institution excels at every stage of the academic journey. Partner with us to transform your higher education services and reach new heights of success.

Admissions Assistance

Grow Enrollment
Identify Qualified Students
Offer After Hours Support
Effectively Execute at High Volume

Student Contact Center

Offer Call Support for Financial Aid,
Registrar, Business Office, LMS
and Other Student Services
Provide After Hours Support

Student Retention

Improve Student Satisfaction
Proactively Address Student Issues
Offer One-Stop Help Help Desk
Support to your Students

Placement Verification

Verify Graduate Employment
Comply with 3rd Party Neutrality
Utilize Effective Multi-Modal
Contact Methods