Student Retention

CARS has the Plans, Coaches and Technology to Improve your Student Retention.

Student retention is critical for all types of higher education institutions alike. Whoever references it–internal administrators, faculty, boards, legislators, policy makers, and so forth–student retention is significant for measuring institutional effectiveness in the prevailing environment of accountability and budgetary constraints.

Our Approach

We use a combination of expert coaches, best practice processes and uniquely developed technology to improve term-to-term student persistence and subsequently graduation rates. Our technology provides customized student retention profiles, tracks at-risk factors, records student contact, manages engagement plans, tracks escalations and more.

Coaches branded as the institution reach out proactively to 100% of your students via phone to determine educational objectives, solve issues and determine student specific risk factors. Student concerns are then addressed one-on-one and worked with throughout the term. The coaches also support students through incoming contact, phone, email and text.

Average Retention

Colleges and Universities that utilize our Student Retention services have a significantly improved term retention rate as compared to those institutions without an effective retention program. Our proactive contact, risk identification, persistence coaching, and inbound help-desk support are proven effective.

Students Contacted

We believe in a proactive approach, contacting the entire student population regardless of risk level. Our Success Coaches build relationships and identify risks through conversation. Additional contact is directed to high-risk students to keep them on track with meeting their educational goals.

Questions Answered

Our Success Coaches provide constant help-desk services to your students, answering nearly all of their questions and concerns before they become issues. Now your staff can focus on escalated advanced issues and professional judgements and the students have a on-stop resources for all of their needs.