Admissions Assistance

Did you know?

On average, 15% of

purchased leads are invalid and could be returned to your vendor for credit.

You could see a 5%

increase in enrollment simply by having us contact your non-applicant ISIRs.

There's a 25% increase

in contact rate when calling prospective students within 5 minutes of the initial inquiry.


“CARS is an essential part of our internet lead qualification and management process and one of the most significant strategic decisions we have made in our admissions process. I highly recommend the CARS team.”

– Chancellor Arthur Keiser
Keiser University

In 2012-2013, college enrollment rates dropped 2% in the United States, the first significant decline since the 1990s. Colleges wanting to in­crease enrollment often face resource limitations; specifically, qualified admissions staff to handle the added push. CARS helps focus the Col­lege Admissions Team with admissions assistance by answering inbound calls and responding to internet inquiries, transferring only qualified prospects to your college. Whether you have a high volume of purchased leads to pre-qualify, need to boost enrollment through strategic contact campaigns, or just need overflow and after-hours admissions help desk assistance, our dedicated associates and industry technology can help your institution achieve increased enrollment.

Prospect Qualification

  • Prompt response time with contact made within 30 seconds to 5 minutes of the prospect’s initial inquiry.
  • Immediately transfer qualified prospects to your admissions team, schedule on-campus appointments or set a call-back time.
  • Customizable solutions including duplicate lead detection and bad lead tracking.
  • Did you know that on average 15% of purchased leads are not qualified students? We identify these so you can return to the vendor for credit on future leads.
  • Privately branded as your institution.

Admissions Help Desk

  • Overflow and after-hours admissions supports to accommodate your students’ needs and schedule.
  • Prospect management software profiles student information and progress through application process.
  • Dedicated admissions support team acting as a force multiplier to assist your staff with heavy volume and time-sensitive needs.
  • We become an extension of your admissions team, conducting services such as the initial interview process, program overview, and other repetitive processes.
  • Privately branded as your institution

Targeted Outreach

Consider utilizing our trained agents and technology capabilities for unique, targeted outbound campaigns with a combination of call, text and email contact methods.

  • ISIR Outreach to increase enrollment
  • Re-engagement campaigns for disengaged leads
  • Future start student engagement
  • Data collection of student populations