”We are changing many facets of our organization to better serve students. By leveraging Global’s technology and focus on financial aid file review we have been able to increase the amount of time our counselors can spend with students.”

-Dr. Sharon Blackman,
Provost of Educational Affairs, Dallas County Community College District

Global Financial Aid Services – Automation and Processing

Since inception in 1996 Global Financial Aid Services has focused exclusively on an efficient and technologically advanced model for financial aid processing. Global has managed over 5 million student files, maintained full compliance with federal regulations, and improved the financial aid operation of institutions from all segments of higher education. Global’s owners and principal leaders come from a higher education background. At Global we recognize the expectations of students, the needs of college leadership, the demands of the current economic environment and the long-term advantage of low-cost, best-practice models for financial aid administration.

Colleges and universities partner with Global to leverage our people, process and technology approach to financial aid administration. This strategic choice enables clients to focus resources on their core strengths: curriculum, faculty, student access and student service. Global’s commitment to excellence in administrative efficiency helps clients to streamline processes, reduce administrative costs and eliminate seasonal hiring needs.

What Global Financial Aid Services Has to Offer

Global offers colleges and universities strategic recommendations, technology enhancements, outsourced services and expertise in financial aid. Our solutions were developed through best-practice models and are customizable to your institution. They include:

  • GlobalCORE Verification and C-code Solution
    • College-branded online portal
    • Paperless document collection
    • Online ‘smart’ forms
    • Compliance file review
    • Integration with any Student Information System
  • Back Office Financial Aid Administration
    • Document collection
    • Compliance file review
    • Award packaging
    • Loan and Pell grant processing
    • Federal fund and campus-based fund disbursements
    • Title IV funds reconciliation
    • Cash management
    • Return to Title IV processing
    • Compliance reporting and audit support
  • Strategic Institutional Review
    • Operational strategy
    • Compliance risk mitigation
    • Productivity benchmarks and quality metrics
    • Due diligence audits

Benefits of Partnering with Global

The solutions offered by Global Financial Aid Services are ideal for colleges that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Want to improve efficiency and reduce costs by centralizing multiple campus operations
  • Need to improve student service and packaging cycle times
  • Need expertise and sophistication in federal funds processing
  • Need compliance improvements